Tuesday, 24 May 2016

on 5th June ’06 at The Resort - Mumbai.

As delegates from USA, UK, Australia, also Jet’s senior executives from all over India, attended the conference, Mr. Gaurang Shetty, COO -
Jet Airways, wanted to give them an unique evening, full of mystique, straight out of the Arabian Nights !

No Magic Carpets though, Deepak RAO’s
‘Extra Sensory Perception’ Show completed
the mystique.

Non-believers turned believers.... just couldn’t stop talking about it !

Gaurang Shetty – the dynamic COO, Jet Airways / Sahara..... was organising a Brand Drivers Conference, at The Resort, Bombay.... on 5th & 6th June ’06.

Being an old friend of Deepak RAO.... right from his British Airways days, Gaurang always invited Deepak RAO whenever an event needed to be MEMORABLE ! This time also was no exception !!

As expected, Deepak RAO’s powerful & unbelievable performance.... enthralled & zapped the audience !

In a hall, exquisitely designed as a sheikh’s colourful shamiana, with satin & silk drapes, hookahs & caskets overflowing with treasures and with Middle Eastern music to match.... the ambiance created, was straight out of the ‘Arabian Nights’.

Seated on mattresses with bolsters for comfort, all delegates wore Arabian head-gear for effect.

Experiments in Intuition, Premonition, Telepathy, Tele-kinesis were presented. Shock & Awe prevailed, as Deepak RAO presented the show in two parts.

The Show ended with ‘Standing Ovations’ and major appreciation !

With over 425 Corporates (as of Mar. ’16),
booking him repeatedly – globally, for his
Incredible ‘Extra Sensory Perception’ Show....
Mumbai based - Deepak RAO
is India’s Numero Uno
Stage Star Performer and Corporate Celebrity !
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